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Ridge Preservation procedures take place at the time of, or shortly after tooth extractions. It is important to consider the impact of all oral structures around the socket as the surrounding tissue and bone should remain healthy and strong when planning for Dental Implants. 

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What Procedures Fall Under Ridge Preservation?

Such procedures are:


Bone Grafting:

Used to fill the tooth socket and place membrane on top to prevent soft tissue ingrowth. (The bone using in grafting may be synthetic, sterile, or from a human donor)


Guided Tissue Regeneration:

A barrier membrane is used to place a barrier between gum and bone, with a small space left for the bone to grow into. This protects the Bone Graft, ensuring soft tissue will not grow into the space, rendering the graft ineffective. 

(The membrane is usually made of synthetic materials or collagen.)


Ridge Augmentation:

Helps create the natural contour of the gums and jaw and rebuilds the bone around a tooth to provide sufficient height and weight to support a dental implant. 


Sinus Elevation:

This procedure protects the sinus from damage in the upper jaw at the position of the molar and premolar teeth.  These locations inherently have limited space under the sinus. In addition, the sinus floor will drop if the tooth / teeth were lost because of the lack of function. Based on measurements obtained from the CT scan, the maxillary (upper) sinus membrane is carefully lifted upwards to make space for additional bone.

Who is a Canidate for Ride Preservation?

Those who lack the bone quality, or quantity to replace lost teeth with dental implants may be good candidates for these dental procedures. 


Each patient is properly evaluated by taking comprehensive examinations, evaluating radiographs, and, in most cases, 3D scans are taken to determine the level of bone loss and the possibility to perform Ridge Preservation procedures. The 3-D images allow us to study the anatomy of the jaw and produce the best possible treatment plan for each case. 


Additional procedures are available and recommended depending on case by case. 

What if I am not interested in Ridge Preservation?

There is a chance of resorption of the ridge that can cause a collapse of bone and tissue around the tooth socket. This means when a tooth is extracted or lost, the bone is resorbed into the body due to lack of activity. This causes the surrounding teeth to drift, the bite to shift and resorption can alter the entire facial structure. 

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